This page makes it easy to donate to multiple Democratic candidates running for statewide races at once, including:

  • 10 Governor races
  • 8 Attorney General races
  • 5 Secretary of State races

Each category includes some incumbent Democrats plus Republican-held seats, regardless of how much of a long shot they're considered.

Donations go directly to the campaigns shown; I receive nothing.

By default, donations are evenly split among the bold-faced campaigns listed below, but you can also pick & choose which campaigns to donate to using the "customize amounts" option.


  • NH-Gov: TBD (primary 9/10)
  • NC-Gov: Josh Stein
  • NC-AG: Jeff Jackson
  • NC-SoS: Elaine Marshall*
  • OR-AG: Dan Rayfield
  • OR-SoS: Tobias Read
  • PA-AG: Eugene DePasquale
  • WA-Gov: Bob Ferguson
  • WA-AG: TBD (top-two primary 8/06)
  • WA-SoS: Steve Hobbs*

(These are all considered long shots.)

  • IN-Gov: Jennifer McCormick
  • IN-AG: Destiny Wells
  • MO-Gov: TBD (primary 8/06)
  • MO-AG: Elad Gross
  • MO-SoS: TBD (primary 8/06)
  • MT-Gov: Ryan Busse
  • MT-AG: Ben Alke
  • MT-SoS: Jesse Mullen
  • ND-Gov: Merrill Piepkorn
  • UT-Gov: Brian King
  • VT-Gov: Esther Charlestin
  • WV-Gov: Steve Williams
  • WV-AG: Teresa Toriseva