Arizona Democrats have a real chance at flipping control of both the state House and Senate in 2024, but they'll need all the help they can get.

By default, donations made on this page will be split among the funds listed below. However, you can also pick & choose which to donate to using the "customize amounts" tool:

  • HD-002A (R+05): Stephanie Simacek
  • HD-002B (R+05): TBD
  • HD-004A (R+04): Laura Terech*
  • HD-004B (R+04): TBD
  • HD-009A (D+02): Lorena Austin*
  • HD-009B (D+02): Seth Blattman*
  • HD-013A (R+02): Brandy Reese
  • HD-013B (R+02): TBD
  • HD-016A (R+06): Keith Seaman*
  • HD-016B (R+06): TBD
  • HD-017A (R+09): Kevin Volk
  • HD-017B (R+09): TBD
  • SD-02 (R+05): Judy Schweibert
  • SD-04 (R+04): Christine Marsh*
  • SD-09 (D+02): Eva Burch*
  • SD-13 (R+02): TBD
  • SD-16 (R+06): TBD
  • SD-17 (R+09): TBD
  • Arizona Democratic Party
  • Arizona Democratic Legislative Caucus
  • Keep Arizona Blue Student Coalition PAC
  • Voters of Tomorrow Action