Georgia's status as a red state may be changing statewide, but Democrats still have a long way to go to push it into the purple or blue zones at the legislative level.

Until we're closer to the filing deadline & primaries, donations made on this page will be split among the following funds to help prepare for 2024:

  • Georgia Democratic Party
  • Georgia Blue PAC*
  • Voters of Tomorrow Action
  • Joe Biden for President

*(Official fundraising org of the GA Dem House & Senate Caucuses)


As candidates file and the field becomes clearer, I'll be adding candidates for the following swing districts. Every race listed is rated as within 9 points or closer by :

  • HD-035 (D+07): TBD
  • HD-050 (D+07): TBD
  • HD-053 (R+04): TBD
  • HD-054 (D+09): TBD
  • HD-099 (R+05): TBD
  • HD-101 (D+05): TBD
  • HD-105 (D+01): TBD
  • HD-106 (D+08): TBD
  • HD-108 (Even): TBD
  • HD-128 (R+01): TBD
  • HD-150 (D+08): TBD
  • HD-151 (R+06): TBD
  • HD-154 (D+06): TBD
  • HD-177 (D+07): TBDl