Most Maine candidates use the state's public campaign financing option, so only a handful of candidates accept private individual donations.

Donations made on this page are split evenly by default among the bold-faced accounts below. The other candidates are listed to help spread the word about competitive districts.

  • HD-089 (Even): Adam Lee*
  • SD-13 (R+01): Cameron Reny*
  • SD-14 (R+04): Craig Hickman*
  • SD-24 (D+06): TBD
  • SD-26 (Even): Timothy Nangle*
  • SD-30 (D+09): Stacy Brenner*
  • SD-34 (D+06): Joseph Rafferty*
Strategic Districts / Other: 
  • Maine Democratic Party
  • Maine House Dems
  • Maine Senate Dems