Michigan Democrats had a hugely successful year in 2022, flipping control of both the state House and Senate blue while retaining control of every statewide elected office!

Control of the state legislature is precarious, however: Democrats only have a razor-thin, one-seat majority in each...and Michigan is still very much a swing state. The state Senate isn't up again until 2026, but

, but you can also pick & choose which campaigns to support using the "Customize Amounts" tool (list subject to change as we pass the filing deadline & primary)

  • HD-022 (D+01): TBD
  • HD-027 (R+01): Jaime Churches
  • HD-028 (Even): Rob Kull
  • HD-029 (R+02): TBD
  • HD-031 (D+05): Reggie Miller
  • HD-038 (D+05): Joey Andrews
  • HD-044 (D+01): Jim Haadsma
  • HD-046 (D+02): TBD
  • HD-048 (D+04): Jennifer Conlin
  • HD-054 (R+02): TBD
  • HD-055 (R+02): TBD
  • HD-057 (R+03): TBD
  • HD-058 (R+02): Nate Shannon
  • HD-061 (D+03): Denise Mentzer
  • HD-062 (R+03): Michael Brooks
  • HD-068 (R+04): TBD
  • HD-076 (D+04): TBD
  • HD-081 (D+07): Rachel Hood
  • HD-083 (D+05): TBD
  • HD-084 (D+04): Carol Glanville
  • HD-086 (R+08): TBD
  • HD-092 (R+05): TBD
  • HD-096 (R+04): TBD
  • HD-103 (Even): Betsy Coffia
  • HD-109 (D+04): Jenn Hill

n/a (MI Senate isn't up for reelection until 2026)

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  • Oakland County Democratic Party
  • Voters of Tomorrow Action
  • Joe Biden for President