Minnesota Democrats had a successful year in 2022, winning control of both the state House and Senate blue while retaining control of every statewide elected office!

Control of the state legislature is precarious, however: Democrats only have a slim majority in each...and Michigan is still a swing state. The state Senate isn't up again until 2026, but Dems will need all the help they can get to keep the House blue in 2024!

By default, donations made on this page will be split evenly among the boldfaced campaigns listed below, but you can also pick & choose which campaigns to support using the "Customize Amounts" tool (list subject to change as we pass the filing deadline & primary):

  • HD-002A (R+03): Reed Olson
  • HD-003A (D+01): Harley Droba
  • HD-007A (R+02): Aron Schnaser
  • HD-007B (D+06): Lorrie Janatopoulos
  • HD-011A (D+08): Pete Radosevich
  • HD-014A (D+02): Abdi Daisane
  • HD-014B (D+03): Dan Wolgamott*
  • HD-018A (D+07): Jeff Brand*
  • HD-020A (R+05): Heather Arndt
  • HD-023B (D+01): Joseph Pacovsky
  • HD-026A (D+09): TBD
  • HD-032A (R+07): Ashton Ramsammy
  • HD-032B (D+04): Matt Norris*
  • HD-033A (R+07): Jake Ross
  • HD-033B (D+08): Josiah Hill*
  • HD-034A (R+05): Brian Raines
  • HD-035A (D+03): Zack Stephenson*
  • HD-035B (D+03): Kari Rehrauer
  • HD-036A (Even): Janelle Calhoun
  • HD-037A (R+08): Laurie Wolfe
  • HD-041A (D+02): Lucia Wroblewski
  • HD-041B (D+03): Jen Fox
  • HD-045A (R+03): Tracey Breazeale
  • HD-048B (D+05): Lucy Rehm*
  • HD-054A (D+05): Brad Tabke*
  • HD-055A (D+08): Jess Hanson*
  • HD-057B (R+02): Brad Cohn


Strategic Districts / Other: 
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  • Minnesota Senate DFL Caucus
  • Minnesota House DFL Caucus