No state in the country has been subjected to more extreme partisan gerrymandering than Wisconsin.

Thankfully, a recent change in the makeup of the state Supreme Court means that fair maps are here in time for the 2024 election! Democrats finally have a fighting shot at flipping control of BOTH chambers of the Wisconsin legislature!

As always, donations go to the bold-faced funds listed; I receive nothing. You can also pick & choose which ones to donate to using the "customize amounts" tool.

  • AD-021 (D+05): David Marstellar
  • AD-026 (D+04): Joe Sheehan
  • AD-030 (R+01): Alison Page
  • AD-040 (D+08): TBD
  • AD-046 (D+09): TBD
  • AD-051 (D+08): Elizabeth Grabe
  • AD-053 (D+04): Duane Shukoski
  • AD-054 (D+09): Lori Palmeri
  • AD-061 (D+02): LuAnn Bird
  • AD-065 (D+09): TBD
  • AD-071 (D+08): Vinnie Miresse
  • AD-082 (R+08): TBD
  • AD-085 (Even): Yee Leng Xiong
  • AD-088 (R+01): Christy Welch
  • AD-089 (D+01): Ryan Spaude
  • AD-091 (D+06): Jodi Emerson*
  • AD-092 (R+05): TBD
  • AD-093 (D+08): TBD
  • AD-094 (Even): Steve Doyle*
  • AD-095 (D+08): Jill Billings
  • SD-08 (D+01): TBD
  • SD-14 (D+04): TBD
  • SD-18 (D+08): Kristin Alfheim
  • SD-30 (D+03): Jamie Wall
  • SD-32 (D+06): Brad Pfaff*
Strategic Districts / Other: 
  • WI Senate Democrats
  • WI Assembly Democrats
  • WI Democratic Party
  • Voters of Tomorrow Action