In 2022, Republicans managed to take control of the U.S. House of Representatives... just barely. In 2024, Democrats are in a strong position to flip the House blue again; we only need to net a half dozen seats to do it!

On this page you can donate to up to ~50 Democratic candidates running in districts rated as competitive by or as a Red to Blue seat by the DCCC. I've also included Cook's PVI rating for each district, which rates the Dem/GOP lean relative to the nation as a whole. There's also one special case district (NC-06).

Finally, I'm also including President Biden & Voters of Tomorrow.

In districts without a name listed, donations will go to whoever the ends up being (I'll swap these out for the nominee once they're established). 

By default, donations are split evenly across all races listed, but you can also pick & choose who to donate to using the "Customize Amounts" option.

All donations go directly to the funds listed; I receive nothing.

* =incumbent
Bold = Rated as tossup by Cook Political

  • AK-AL (R+08): Mary Peltola*
  • AZ-01 (R+02): Dem Nominee
  • AZ-06 (R+03): Kirsten Engel
  • CA-03 (R+03): Jessica Morse
  • CA-13 (D+04): Adam Gray
  • CA-22 (D+05): Rudy Salas
  • CA-27 (D+04): George Whitesides
  • CA-40( R+02): Joe Kerr
  • CA-41 (R+03): Will Rollins
  • CA-45 (D+02): Derek Tran
  • CA-47 (D+03): Dave Min
  • CO-08 (Even): Yadira Caraveo*
  • CT-05 (D+03): Jahana Hayes*
  • FL-13 (R+06): Dem Nominee
  • IN-01 (D+03): Frank Mrvan*
  • IA-03 (R+03): Lanon Baccam
  • MI-07 (R+02): Curtis Hertel
  • MI-08 (R+01): Kristen McDonald Rivet
  • MI-10 (R+03): Dem Nominee
  • MT-01 (R+06): Monica Tranel
  • NE-02 (Even): Tony Vargas
  • NV-03 (D+01): Susie Lee*
  • NJ-07 (R+01): Sue Altman
  • NM-02 (D+01): Gabe Vasquez*
  • NY-01 (R+04): John Avlon
  • NY-04 (D+05): Laura Gillen
  • NY-17 (D+03): Mondaire Jones
  • NY-19 (Even): Josh Riley
  • NY-22 (D+01): John Mannion
  • NC-01 (D+02): Don Davis*
  • NC-06 (R+15) Andy Craighill-Middleton (special case)
  • OH-09 (R+03): Marcy Kaptur*
  • OH-13 (R+01): Emilia Sykes*
  • OR-05 (D+02): Janelle Bynum
  • OR-06 (D+04): Andrea Salinas*
  • PA-01 (EVEN): Ashley Ehasz
  • PA-07 (R+02): Susan Wild*
  • PA-08 (R+04): Matt Cartwright*
  • PA-10 (R+05): Janelle Stelson
  • PA-17 (Even): Chris Deluzio*
  • TX-15 (R+01): Michellelle Vallejo
  • TX-34 (D+09): Vicente Gonzalez*
  • VA-02 (R+02): Missy Cotter Smasal
  • VA-07 (D+01): Eugene Vindman
  • WI-01 (R+03): Dem Nominee
  • WI-03 (R+04): Dem Nominee

These candidates have called for President Biden to suspend his campaign:

  • CO-03 (R+07): Adam Frisch
  • IL-17 (D+02): Eric Sorensen*
  • IA-01(R+03): Christina Bohannan
  • MN-02 (D+01): Angie Craig*
  • NY-18 (D+01): Pat Ryan*


  • Joe Biden (POTUS)